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As always, auctions start at $0.01.




This is the "MJP Syndrome." He puts an item on here and there are 10 bids in 10 minutes. Ski or I put something on eBay and it's like the book can give you genital herpes... twice.

But if he has the balls to go "No reserve" and start them out that low, maybe Ski and I have something to learn...

Please note: Neither Ski or I post our stuff here because we sell too often. MJP has every right in the world to post here.
This is the "MJP Syndrome."
I interpret it as common sense. Your results may vary.

Please note: Neither Ski or I post our stuff here because we sell too often.
Don't you mean list rather than sell? Can't speak to 'Ski, because I don't know his ebay handle, but I'm closely attentive to Buk listings on ebay; weekly or more frequently, and have been for the last eight years or so. The Buk ebay material has been fairly stagnant for the last 8 months or more.
You guys just don't recognize the syndrome because you are under its powerful spell. @Pogue Mahone is a strong willed, extremely bright individualist, so he's immune to it.

He knows the truth: MJP Syndrome was developed in German laboratories and rigorously tested in Siberia and Ukraine for decades. It's been continuously reformulated, perfected, synthesized and spread across the globe via chemtrails, baby formula, communal hookah pipes and municipal water fluoridation.

I can talk about it now because the syndrome is so insidious and widespread that even when I tell you that you are affected by it, there's nothing you can do to escape its clutches.


AP file photo of MJP Syndrome development and testing.

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