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Hi all. I've been interested in securing some sort of typewriter for myself for a few years now, just don't really know where to look. I also have no clue what I'm looking for. I just want the ol' time, key-punching experience on my escritoire. There's nothing romantic about tapping it out on a MacBook keyboard, I'm sure most of you'll hear me on that.

SO, anyway, is any one selling typewriters within the range of ($50-75.. I know that's probably cheap of me)? Or does anyone know a good online marketplace specifically for typewriters? Any help would be great.

Thanks much.
check ebay. You can usually get one for a fair price there. You need to decide if you want a manual for street cred, or an electric one that can actually be used.

The only problem with buying a typewriter on line is you are usually going to pay more to ship than to buy it. If you are in or near a city of any size you can find a million typewriters. Check out used office furniture places. Or look up typewriter in the phone book. The one guy in town who still fixes them can tell you where to get one or sell you one himself.

You have to go old school on this - looking on line is not your best option. You have to get on the phone and talk to old people. As distasteful as that may be for you.

Also, though I know a lot of people who would disagree, there's nothing romantic about suffering with a typewriter (and you will suffer) when better technology exists. Using a typewriter is more of an affectation at this point, unless you grew up typing on them and it's a natural thing for you. Just having one to have one is cute, but it will end up being a dusty knick knack on your escritoire a month after you get it, I'd bet money on that.
When old people die the family will sometimes sell the old useless artifacts and that will usually include a typewriter or two. Yard sales, estate sales, and thrift stores.
I bought a really nice typewriter on ebay. It was one of those electrics that came in its own case with a handle. I probably paid $10 for the machine and $10 - $15 to ship it. Is they send it UPS or Fedex GROUND, it will be pretty inexpensive.

Still, if you live in a larger city, then they are right, you can probably find one. Check yard sales. I have found that, at least in my area, antique shops seem to think that these are worth far more than they really are.

Yeah here in Portland I saw at least a dozen at yard\garage sales, and even one or two at some of the more hipster friendly thrift shops.

I wanted one a few years back before I moved out here because I was reading about Hunter Thompson dragging his all around the country chasing after the Beats... but then I used one and hated the experience the whole time. Well, not the WHOLE time. But most of it.
As a bumbling fool when it comes to techno-stuff, I like typing something & it not disappearing if I hit the wrong key...or lose a disc or whatever. I started writing on a typewriter about 15 years ago, and I still do quite a few first drafts that way.

But I do the 2nd drafts on a computer...as the ease, in terms of editing, can't be overstated.

I also like typing letters on the old beast. I found both machines at junk shops, paid $35 for one, $40 for the other. Servicing it can be tricky and expensive (if it's broken), and you can't find new ribbons at Wal*Mart...but I don't mind the inconvenience.
I have one that weighs about four metric tonnes, but aside from her big booty I do love the way she spreads it on the page. Of course, as others have said, she can be a real pain in the arse at times. For example when six hammers (is that what you call 'em?) stick together, or when you have to hit that troublesome key ten times to get the ink clear, only to end up with a messy blob.

I find using a typer makes the writing process more physical (if you have an old beast like me), but in the end I always go back to my mac as she may not be as much fun, but she is easy.

Mine came from a church sale for about £4.00 ($7.00). The old dears said to me "it doesn't have the internet young man". It turns out, after trying to connect it to my wirless, they were right.
You can't go wrong with $7 for... well, most things really. Picked up a fairly rare (and somewhat beat up) book off e-Bay for about that much.
A typewriter? What! That would be like buying a vinyl when you could pick up the mp3 version of the same album! Geez!
is any one selling typewriters (?)

I've got a few I could part with for the cost of shipping. They all work perfectly, just need new ribbon. I was in a lame anti-technology phase for awhile and I thought thst learning to use a typewriter would somehow lend me some kind of authenticity. Of course, it doesn't work that way. But I let the hip romance of nostalgia sway me, and I bought a few. They are incredibly annoying if you're accustomed to a computer, but in and of themselves they work fine.

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