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If I knew about it earlier I would drive the 90 minutes there and give him "what-fer".


Funny how he is such a fan, but is not on this forum? Or maybe he is....

Still, he could act like bukowski without a pillow under his shirt. If he is 36 years old he will look like a 36 year onl Bukowksi and the pillow would not be needed.

To me it seems like a characture of Bukowski. One that will just appear drunk and spout a lot of obscenities. All for the enjoyment of the crowd that wants to see a dirty old man....

oh christ.... this is just too bad.. and I would love to think that it dosen't stand a chance in hell. lets just hope that Bukowski fans are a step above the millions who attend the shows of elvis impersonators.
maybe I would go to this. you know, if I could throw a typewriter at the stage... real hard!!
It might not be bad. If it's theatre don't they usually try to mimic physically what the person looked like.

I saw a one man play based on Bukowski in Boston in the early eighties but the actor didn't try to physically resemble him. I thought it was good but I remember it was sparsely attended at the show I went to and it closed before it's run.
Trio Grande eh?, and they couldn't even be bothered growing real beards?

Jesus Henry Christ!, what's the world coming to?, my wife is in the other room watching people argue on the television, my chemist has relocated to parts unknown, and you can throw a bowling ball through the liquor cabinet without hitting anything.

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