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Still, the whole outlaw poetry thing is always good for a laugh.

Someone should start some similar movements/web sites, like, I don't know, Renegade Barista Films, The Free Jazz Panther Party or The Badass Accountants Underground Collective. Now those would rock.

"My writing was continually rejected by THE MAN, and the CULTURAL ELITE! So I downloaded WordPress and made a world wide webpage! I'M AN OUTLAW!"

Look at us, a world full of toothless outlaws and limp individualists who are all the same. We are drowning in bold revolution, eh? Sure. Someone wake me up when something happens.
now don't be a goin' an gittin them outlaw poets riled up sheriff.

they's mean inuff ta steal a fly from a blind spider...
Huh. I didn't know Germans were a different race.

I mean, I understand that your führer believed that, and it may be difficult for you to let go of that concept, but I'm pretty sure it's been disproved.
The photo at top of that page (and on the mimeo link for a better photo) is John Bennett Mimeo printing an issue of Vagabond, which most likely had something by Buk in it. Very cool to see someone printing small press back in the day. It is surprisingly rare to see things like this.

I love seeing these kind of photos. Reminds me of Brother Antoninus in front of his hand press, d.a. levy setting type and Anais Nin running her 8"x12" Chandler & Price. I think that I have seen one of Virginia Woolf at the press too?

Anais Nin

Brother Antoninus

William Margolis running the mimeo, Bob Kauffman looking on. This is the first issue of Beatitude.

I think that I dreamt up V. Woolf at the printing press. I don't think that a photo exists..
There is a similar lack of photographs of the brilliant american woman Sylvia Beach, publisher and book store owner of Shakespeare and Company in Paris ( along with her partner Adrienne Monnier) at it's peak in the inter-war years. First to publish James Joyce's Ulysses in book form ( interestingly - rejected by Leonard and Virginia Woolf at Hogarth House). They saw all the major writers of those years through their doors. There is this of them with James Joyce:

ps: there is this illustration of Virginia Woolf at her press by Richard Kennedy who worked there as a young lad (skivvy) and later published an illustrated book about his time there with them: A Boy at Hogarth Press - not quite the same though.

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Sylvia Beach was the aunt of Mary Beach (a very cool author and artist, who married Claude Pelieu), who was the mother of Pamela Beach, who married Charley Plymell...

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