Underground Digest #1 (Feb. 1967?) (1 Viewer)

Wondering if anyone has a copy of this publication called Underground Digest that I believe is the Feb. issue and is copyrighted 1967 (though I believe it's actually supposed to be the Feb. 1968 issues, but was printed in late 1967)?

If so, please provide some info. and possibly scans of the front, back and indica. I've read references to this and have issue #2 from March (copyrighted from 1967, but is the Feb. 1968 issue), but haven't found a #1 yet.

underground digest 1.jpg
Thanks, any chance of a back scan and the indica? Also, are there any comix inside like the 2nd issue?
Now that I know what it looks like, that's great. Now to find issue #2 of Underground Press Digest from 1971 (a different, but similarly titled magazine) that I can't seem to find either.

My want list:
Underground Digest #1 (Feb. 1967/68)
Underground Press Digest #2 (March 1971)
Now #1 (1963, printed by Charles Plymell)
This was sent to me by a college library, meaning I don't have an actual copy of this issue. I think it was edited by Christopher Watson, who also published Bukowski in National Underground Review in 1968.

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