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Underwater-Poetry-Festival (1 Viewer)

The set list is there. It is:

1. Opening Comments
2. Let's Be Original
3. Teeth
4. Beach
5. The Mad Poet
6. Face of a Political Candidate
7. Private First Class
8. Free
9. The Sex Fiends
10. Christ
11. Two Horse Collars
12. $5.95
13. Dog Fight
14. Big Gray Balloon Things Heavy
15. Piss and Shit
16. Now She Hates Me
17. The Spider
18. Memory
19. The Closing of the Topless and Bottomless Bars
20. Well Now That Ezra Has Died
21. Rexall Cut Rate 4:30 pm
22. Vacation in Greece
23. My Father's Big Time Fling
24. Solid State Marty
25. Nothing is as Effective as Defeat
26. The Word
27. No Cagney Me
28. Love
29. Closing Comments

And, yes, it is well worth it. BUT, maybe buy it from Potts, directly. He is selling it for $10 and then the fuckers at Amazon won't make all of the money...


thanks hank i do remember now. i just went back to ebay to buy it and checked shipping to Canada - $12!!
fuck off you thief what bullshit. i'll find it somewhere else.

edit - bill just read yours i'll do that - thanks
My copy is not handy just now. Is that CD on Amazon the same as the one The Temple was selling back in December 2006? I don't remember it having that photo on the insert.
"Not the best reading in my opinion."

But the only one where Buk talks about the cheerleaders for Utah shaking their pom poms. So I say get it.
Linda King read the same night as Bukowski. I didn't know they ever read together (or on the same bill, if not together).

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