Unknown Bukowski pictures?


“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Here's a Buk pic a guy on fb said he took in San Fran in 77/78?

Novidade? Olá, encontrei esta foto no Facebook. Não encontrei uma referência à data e, infelizmente, não consigo encontrar nenhuma informação. Alguém pode me dar mais detalhes? Sou brasileira e amante da literatura Bukowsk, obrigada e mil beijos a todos.

Excuse me!
I tried to post in English, but edited it automatically.
Follows the text of the post.
"New? Hello, I found this photo on Facebook. I couldn't find a reference to the date and, unfortunately, I can't find any information. Can anyone give me more details? I'm Brazilian and a lover of Bukowsk literature, thank you and a thousand kisses to everyone."
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