Unknown Early Buk Photo?


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When I first saw the photo, I thought that the curled up corners of the mouth weren't Buk's. But then I looked at the crease which is between the lips and the chin. That crease has the same irregular line as in the later photos. My first impression was that it wasn't him but now I think that it is not impossible.

Then what about the "cupid's bow" on the upper lip? I think it looks very different from Buk's. More feminine, if you like, and a "cupid's bow" does'nt change its shape over the years.
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If's it's an automat photo, it would have been taken in a booth, right?

The curl at the ends of his lips could be due to the angle. He has his head tilted downward. That would make the lips look curled up at the ends, Joker style. But the eyes are what have me thinking it's Buk. I've done about 30 paintings of him and those eyes are always the hardest part. I've spent hours drawing the lids, their various planes and folds, the relation of the parts. They are very unique eyes, and this guy has them.


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Lips seem different, but this could be because of the angle, weight loss or whatever.

Eyes, eyebrows, ears, hairline and nose seem to be genuine Bukowski.

5:1 it's him.
Would help to know something (anything) about the picture.
This is the only thing that would help further, since we've discussed all his "distinguished features" over now. Right?
But who'd be able to tell us about the pic? Who's this Johnny Brewton guy?

edit: o.k., I've just found out about Mr. Brewton. A very fine guy it seems. Since some cats here know him, we may be able to get some info, eh?


Johnny Brewton is the man! Here's what he says:
That was an antique Photomatic photo-booth photo. Spotted at an exhibit around 12 years ago. John Martin firmly disagreed with me about that person being Charles Bukowski. I firmly disagreed with John and believe it really is. We may never know.
I would like to thank Mr. Brewton once again here for shedding some light on this mysterious photo and for his quick and generous response.

P.S. Mr. Brewton replied to my email the very same day i wrote to him, but I (being a stupid bastard and all) checked the mailbox for the second time only this morning. The first time I checked it before going to sleep on Sunday, blame the time zones.

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wow i forgot about that pic. did he say what the exhibit was about? he doesn't own it but took a pic because
he thought it was bukowski? where is this pic now i wonder.

btw john martin is an idiot asshole...


From what he said I reckon it was the exhibit of discarded photo-booth photographs some crazy artist found in a landfill or some garbage can and made a selection of the bunch to present to the general public. Even if you don't know anything at all about Bukowski that strange mug is enough to captivate your eyes and mind, and I bet there were plenty other interesting faces exhibited side by side with Bukowski's.

I told Johnny Brewton to not hesitate to present any part of information regarding the photo he may additionally recall.
Personally, I'm glad he responded at all. A year ago I sent an email to a guy from a LA Anthology photo, asking for help in disclosing who's who in it and never heard a word from him (maybe the email address was obsolete). It's hard to reach some people.

I hope Mr. Brewton will visit this place and this thread (I dropped him the links) and give us his additional two cents (or dollars).
However, I'm afraid he shared with us all he can recall at the moment (and is willing to share), which I quoted in my previous post.
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