Unnamed scarf-wearing hustling poet from several Bukowski poems, who was he in real life? (1 Viewer)

I understand he could be any number of writers, or Bukowski making satire out of a certain type of poet, but any suggestions are greatly appreciated


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I strongly believe the hero of Nothing But a Scarf (in Come On In!) is Truman Capote, but he's not the only scarf-wearing guy in Bukowski's poems; there's also a (different) scarf-wearing character in The End of an Era, from the same collection.

Jack Micheline, as portrayed in Genius (from Dangling in the Tournefortia) and What We Need (Open All Night) and The Poet (Slouching Toward Nirvana), wore a scarf too.
And the "neighborhood poet" in New York, New York (Slouching Toward Nirvana) also had a scarf...

And "Mark" from Suicide (The People Look Like Flowers at Last) is one more poet wearing a scarf. Apparently there's awfully lot scarf-wearing people/poets in Buk's poems.

I'd say Micheline was the biggest hustler of them all and the man you're looking for, but it's only me.

P.S. Guess what "Cynder"/"G. Cider" (Gary Snyder?) from 4 Christs (What Matters Most...) wears? Scarf, you got it.
P.P.S. Here's what Bukowski wrote about Micheline in The Captain Is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship:
I remember this poet who used to come by on the bum. Buttons off his shirt, puke on his pants, hair in eyes, shoelaces undone, but he had this long scarf which he kept very clean. That signaled that he was a poet. His writing? Well, forget it….
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Hi zobraks, I see the "scarfpoet" shows up many times :-)
Yes, Jack Micheline must be the one I'm thinking of, the scarfpoet is often from new york and always on the move, to keep the hustle going, thanks !

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