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'Unpublished Poems' Book/Magazine with Bukowski Poem on Ebay (1 Viewer)

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You got lucky last time with $28. This mag is not worth $30, let alone $60.

If you can find two more people that have to have this then maybe you are in business, but Buk magazine buyers are few and far between lately. Early ones sell, but later ones like this are falling in price with the economy..

Still, best of luck with it.,
Your right, they are only worth what people are willing to pay.
If this is too much, then I guess ill have to keep em.
Thanks for your opinion.
If this is too much, then I guess ill have to keep em.

When you listed the first one for sale you said, "I have a total of 8 copies of this book, but am only selling this ONE", so my assumption was you WERE keeping them all after selling the one. Of course, since you've listed another copy 2 weeks later you're happy being -- perhaps not dishonest, but at least a little sneaky - in trying to drive up the price on your books.

Obviously, they're yours, and you're free to do what you want with them, but it feels a bit like you used the board to drum up some interest and (weirdly) legitimacy for your sale by referencing the forum discussion in your listing.
They are what they are, find one or any information on them anywhere else. I couldnt. I was merely trying to find out what they were, did a search on the internet, and figured the people here might know. It did look like a pretty cool and informative place. and I guess i assumed people who belonged to a bukowski board might be interested and want them. (so I linked my auction here)shame on me for wanting money for them. I dont see anyone else here giving away their books, my mistake. If you dont like the way I listed them=(referenced this board so a buyer could see what they were), the fact i stated i was selling just this one=(so the buyer didnt think he was bidding on all 8 books), or if you dont agree to the amount i want for them. then dont bid. I am trying to give people the chance to buy them if they want them, I was surely not intending to piss anyone off.
It's true - they have.

But don't worry, there are plenty of suckers who don't hang around here. You'll shift them. Of course you will. And if I had found a box of them, I'd be happy to make a profit too.

Anyway, thanks for the scans in the other thread. I'm closing this thread now, as it's starting to smell ugly and really, I don't care enough about this to see that happen.
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