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Unpublished typed essay for sale (1 Viewer)

I was at a book fair in NYC this weekend and a bookseller from Westchester had a pretty decent essay that Buk had contributed to the bookseller's former journal, though it was never published. It was written in the early '80s as Buk had begun to acheive significant monetary success. He writes of flaunting his BMW, etc. He discusses whether it is appropriate/possible for him to continue to write about a life he no longer really lived. Buk shared a few other meaninful insights into his psyche in a seemingly particulalrly honest manner. A very few hand corrections. The bookseller was asking $2000, which I thought to be quite reasonable (the essay was 3 or 4 typed pages, I think).

If anyone is interested, I will find out who the bookseller is (as I don't remember) and put you in touch with him. He says he corresponded quite a bit with Hank, but seemed not ready to part with these letters. He also has some books he'd sell, though nothing sounded particulalrly exciting to me. As a general matter his entire stock was relatively interesting and reasonably priced.

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