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I just bought a copy of Crucifix and the signature page was bound in upsidedown..just curious if anyone else has seen this.

I am just curious to know how much you paid for for your upsidedown copie, poetlizard.
That would be a rarety, I suppose!
Yeah..I got it from Maser for $185..he was cool and gave me a good deal!

Also, I recently noticed that there are two duplicate pages in the back..the ones that says "Gypsy Lou Series #2"
This inadvertently turned into both a seller and a price, and this was certainly not my intention (nor black swan's, I would think). Having bought several items from Jeff in the past, I'm not sure having both here is a great idea. But, you know, shit happens.
I payed more for mine, (250.- plus 50.- for shipping I think), about 8 years ago.

Mine too has the signature upside down.

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