Valentine’s Day: “Love is a Dog From Hell” at Bukowski Tavern, Cambridge (1 Viewer)


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On Valentine’s weekend, Bukowski Tavern in Cambridge’s Inman Square will serve up “Love is a Dog from Hell” hotdog specials, taking inspiration from lines and poems by its namesake, Charles Bukowski. Chef & owner Brian Poe will be channeling his inner poet to bring forth three days of specials that showcase some of Bukowski’s most coined terms which will be accompanied by “beer, river and seas of beer.”

The Six Foot Goddess is a foot-long hotdog topped with cilantro Green Goddess dressing, Texas chili and cheese ($12.95). Other specials ($6.95 each) include the Sexpot, a “Hobo Special” with a beer served in a paper bag accompanied by a hotdog; You, a hotdog with an egg; a Blue Cheese & Chile Peppers dog with poblano blue relish and scallion slaw; the Chicago dog with celery salt, neon relish, mustard, tomato and pickle on a poppy seed bun; Artist, a “grate art” dog in a taco shell; and Ashes, a hotdog topped with juniper-smoked charcoal aioli.

To wet the whistle (a clear favorite pastime of Charles Bukowski), Buks in Cambridge has 36 draft lines in addition to another 100 beers available by the can and bottle.
I lived about 1/10th of a mile from that place for years. Back then, there was very little "Bukowski" about it other than a wall mural with a typer and such, so it's good to see them getting at least a bit in character, as it were.

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