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lothario speedwagon
just out of curiosity... imagine that black sparrow had a bunch of blank sheets, signed by bukowski, that they intended to bind into later books but never did. how much do you think one of these sheets would sell for on eBay? $50? $100? i'm curious how much you think people would pay just for Bukowski's signature and nothing else whatsoever.
no, not at all. i'm just curious.

don't worry, i'd never seemingly post out of curiosity about something just to assess potential demand for it. that being said, do you know when the soundtrack to factotum is coming out? i've heard from some people that it's really good.
seems like martin would've thought about doing this. it would be a huge surprise to buk fans. maybe they're waiting for his popularity to rise before revealing such things. it is though, a nice fantasy to indulge oneself in.

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