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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Van Gogh museum, Amsterdam

'There are so many people, especially among our pals, who imagine that words are nothing.
On the contrary, don't you think, it's as interesting and as difficult
to say a thing well as to paint a thing.'
Vincent van Gogh to Emile Bernard, 19 april 1888

902 letters online!

1 Introduction

2 The transcriptions

3 The reading texts

4 Note on the translation

5 The annotations

6 The web edition

wow! that's cool! Thanks ponder!
I have two books with Van Gogh letters in German. One is translated magnificent while the other one is crab. Translating really takes a good man (or woman).
Wow! That is awesome! Thanks for that. Read the first two and know I'll be spending some nights reading through those. As LickTheStar said, friggin' awesome quote pulled from the letters.
Great find, Ponder! It'll be a nice addition to my book of Van Gogh letters to his brother, Theo. - Thanks!
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