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Various Buk/Black Sparrow Items (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
Trying to clean out some stuff from my shelves. Have a look.

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Well, leave it to ebay to be down the day all these auctions are ending. My account no longer exists, and these listings don't either. I have no idea if I'll be forced to sell them items at the low first bid prices, or if the auctions are just gone. In better news, eBay updated their terms today to state that site outages will not entitle sellers to auction extensions or fee reimbursements, because, you know, fuck eBay sellers.
Weird, when I try to access them, I get a message that the listing has been deleted. Who knows what's going on.

yeah, it looks like they're back up. thankfully!

this one drawing i'm selling has tripled what i hoped to get for it, so i have gone from being hulk-mad at eBay to being pretty satisfied. the buk/BSP stuff is still priced pretty low.

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