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It's that time of year again, the ridding of the excess. I'm not giving anything away this time (that was ill-advised), but you might be interested in some of these things.

Later today (4:15 Pacific time) some Black Sparrow first editions, hardcovers and signed books will be added. Check back for those.

All of my auctions have an opening bid of $0.01 with no reserve. That's just how I roll.

Sorry, I'm holding off on listing the signed books for now. If I decide to let them go I'll offer them here first.

Yeah, but it will be sent separately, from Nova Scotia.

Funny thing, I used to put a lot of effort into eBay listings until I discovered quite by accident that quick and dirty gets better results. Ever since I stopped fixing pictures and formatting my listings with fancy layouts, I've seen better sales.

"Better" is subjective of course, since I'm not selling the same thing over and over, but I never got as much interest in, or bids on, my auctions when I spent hours on each one.

must confess that I won't buy any of these, but am shocked about some of the actual bids at the moment. On the other hand: we all know, that many people wait for their bid until the very last moment. Still everything possible.

Maybe it's not the time anymore to sell on ebay without reserve.
well, you, me and hooch are the only ones who've seen it so far due to the very delicate bodypart where you wear it.
So, what you gotta loose?
Final sale prices, for anyone who likes to keep track of things like real-world (eBay) values:

$23.89 - Bukowski - The Continual Condition - ARC - Uncorrected Proof
$92.53 - X-RAY Books - Bukowski, Montfort POOP - Color photos and broadside
$15.50 - The Form Appears: Bukowski Watercolors - Clamshell edition, 1 of 26
$31.00 - Bukowski - Tom Kryss - mimeo - 1970 - What There Is Left To Understand
$70.00 - Bukowski - First edition - paperback - Mockingbird Wish Me Luck - 1972
$159.50 - Bukowski - Hollywood - very scarce hardcover First edition
$72.00 - Bukowski - First edition - paperback - The Days Run Away (with errata!)
$96.00 - Bukowski - Hot Water Music - Paget Press edition - 1 of only 30 copies​
Yes, there were a few good deals in there when it was all said and done. But I figure whatever bidders will pay at any given moment is what the stuff is really worth. You know, at that moment. I won't lose any sleep over the results.
[...] whatever bidders will pay at any given moment is what the stuff is really worth. You know, at that moment. [...]
would only be the case if every potential bidder would be knowing about the offer and be there in time to bid.
But there is never a time when something is selling and everyone who might want to buy it is aware that it's for sale, so it's as good an indicator as any. That was a tortured sentence, but there you go. The "big" auctions haven't had any better results in the past 5+ years. We're always here after they are over saying how many good deals there were at PBA, etc.

The reality is most of this stuff isn't worth what it was ten years ago. There was a period shortly after the Internet started becoming more mainstream where prices went up from where they were pre-Internet, but once the Internet became really mainstream, the prices went back down.

You can see that everywhere, not just in these books. Everything is more available, so it makes sense that prices dropped.
For any of you ARCies out there, the winning bidder on this never paid, so I still have it.

Yes, it's a weird, minor, later (Martinized) book, but an interesting ARC in that the preliminary cover on it is different than the published version, and the "author's site" listed on the back is our own bukowski.net rather than the "official" HarperCollins-run charlesbukowski.com.

Hmm, maybe I should keep it...

Nah. $20 and it's yours.

Bukowski - The Continual Condition - ARC - Uncorrected Proof

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