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I've got a copy of Venture/ volume 4 / number 1/ 1961 with the poem "Serligev" on pp 62. Its in okay shape. Picked it up at the flea market for a quarter some years back. Is this a common piece of publication? Just curious.
That one shows up in the Works Database over on the left side of this page. According to the database, that poem only shows up in that magazine, so that's a nice thing (although mjp will tell you that he has run into problems with poems that were re-named either slightly or considerably; doing a cross-reference on those occurrences is prohibitively difficult). So, the database isn't 100% accurate, but it is a damn fine tool.

Anyway, the magazines like that, especially as far back as 1961, tend to be somewhat rare, but I don't know if that particular magazine is especially rare or valuble. Typical magazines with a poem or three sell for about $20 in VG-fine condition. There are a couple of folks here who will know just about everything there is to know about this one; so sit tight. They'll stop by.
a copy of that mag was sold not too long ago on this site for $10. see this link.

purple is correct, it is uncollected and a fairly early publication, so that makes it a nice thing to have.
Nice, I'm not in the business of collecting. But when I stumble upon something good I grab it. As a terminal "object" lover, I especially like books whose author's connect to my enthusiasms. My "collection" only bothers with those. We all have the ones we read or utilize, and we have the ones we just appreciate - from the outside. Thanks
Fogel gave us a GREAT publication, but sometimes the dollar amounts were not exactly right. This is one of those cases. If you are patient, you can pick one up fro $10 - $20 on ebay. There are even 2 on abe for $25 each for those that cannot wait for an ebay deal to come up.

yes, Fogel wasn't always to the point, even at HIS times. He sure can't be now.

Still, if I were a 'real' collector, I'd buy this at 25.-USD immediately given the proper quality. (by 'real' I mean a collector with the aim to own as much as possible, which I sure can't afford.)

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