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Hey ho,

I need your help...
I'm searching for the originaltext or title of "verrückt wie eh und je".
Need this for an uni-homework but can't find the information in the internet.
Sorry for my bad english...didn't spoke or write this for a long time...:(

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I think that is "as crazy as I ever was" from 'Love is a Dog from Hell'.

as crazy as I ever was

drunk and writing poems
at 3 a.m.

what counts now
is one more

before the light
tilts out

drunk and writing poems
at 3:15 a.m.

some people tell me that I'm

what am I doing alone
drunk and writing poems at
3:18 a.m.?

I'm as crazy as I ever was
they don't understand
that I haven't stopped hanging out of 4th floor
windows by my heels---
I still do
right now
sitting here

writing this down
I am hanging by my heels
floors up:
68, 72, 101,
the feeling is the

unheroic and

sitting here
drunk and writing poems
at 3:24 a.m.
Hopefully its the correct poem. The German translation I have seen is

Bin betrunken und schreibe
Gedichte um 3 Uhr nachmittags.

Könnte ich bloß
nochmal eine enge Pussy
kriegen, nur noch ein einziges Mal,
ehe die Lichter für immer ausgehen.

Betrunken sitze ich da und
schreibe Gedichte um 3 Uhr 15.
Manche sagen mir, ich sei berühmt.

Warum sitze ich dann hier,
allein und betrunken und
schreibe Gedichte um 3 Uhr 18?

Ich bin so verrückt wie
eh und jeh. Sie verstehen nicht,
dass ich nicht aufgehört habe
an den Füßen aus Fenstern
im 4. Stock zu hängen.
Ich tue es immer noch.

Sogar jetzt, während ich
hier sitze und dies schreibe,
hänge ich an den Füßen
aus dem Fenster, nur ein paar
Stockwerke höher:
68, 72, 101.

Das Gefühl ist dasselbe:
verbohrt, unheroisch
und notwendig.

Während ich hier sitze
betrunken, und Gedichte
schreibe um 3 Uhr 24.
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Hey ho,

yes it's the poem I searches for.
The problem was the translation I found.
In the german version I found (in "Nackt bei 33Grad") , it was "schreibe Gedichte um 3Uhr 15 nachmittags".
And in another one ist was "schreibe Gedichte um 3Uhr 15 nachts" (without an official source :confused: ).
So I were a little bit confused because in the most other poems Bukowski talked about writing poems at night and not at lunchtime....

With giving me the original version with the part "at 3:15 a.m." (= um 3Uhr 15 nachts) you helped me a lot. Thanks.
damn. only a few days offline and i miss a question like this.
anyway, HS has answered so well, i feel unnessecary now.
don't be sad....there will be other strange people who need help in deadendsituations.
nice way to start the day with this I'm killing my homework with bad thesis and proofs...

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