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It's funny those "Bukowski reads Bukowski" clips come from KCET - they recently said they didn't have Hackford's film. Someone I know was trying to get it for a screening in L.A., and the people at KCET said it burned up in a film vault fire many years ago. Guess not.
after seeing those clips, it makes me realize how lousy my copy of "Bukowski Reads Bukowski" is...
Dude Thank You So Much. Those Are Awesome
only one problem, it might just be me...but I can't get sound for the high quality factotum trailor.
I used to do that all the time at the other forum I used to post in.
With this forum, I've learned a lot about Bukowski. If it wasnt for this forum, I wouldnt know half the things I do now. I guess I'm just being silly. But it's really cool when people post things that make the conversation better.
I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers.
the more the better.

and I finally got to see the Factotum trailor with sound.
"I'm not quite up to novels yet."

LOL its gonna be great
HenryChinaski said:
LOL its gonna be great

Don't count on it :(

I also thought that the trailer was great. But I was seriously disappointed by the finished movie... Worth watching but a real wasted opportunity in my opinion anyway. :(
4. [This video is unavailable.]

(is it just me or are these some quite nice chord progressions?)

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