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Yes its ironic that the [pirce tha mentions BUk is next to an alcoholism piece-equally enjoyable is the mention of the Castrolites in the upper right.
Never heard that term before.
Grab it before it becomes a collector's item!

Hey Cirerita, I'll bet you find it interesting that Judson Crews is also mentioned in the article. I know you had asked me about his work a while back. Can't find out online if he's still alive ... he'd be 90 or 91 by now. At home I have a copy of an e-mail I wrote to another poetry mag editor back in 1996, telling him about a phone conversation that I'd had with Crews. Would be glad to share if you're interested.

Here's something I found online when I searched under his name and "pig in a pamphlet":

Unfortunately, somebody already bought them ... the Bukowski, the Crews and two others. And for only $150 for the lot ... sigh.
From Poets & Writer's Magazine:

Judson Crews
2323 Kathryn SE, #531
Albuquerque, NM 87106-3456
Phone: 505-266-2938

I'm not sure how often this is updated. I would not post this normally, except that it can be found by googling his name and "Albuquerque".

Judson Crews
2323 Kathryn SE, #531
Albuquerque, NM 87106-3456
Phone: 505-266-2938

I know this sounds like BS, but I do have a quirky memory for numbers and addresses, and this is definitely the address he was at as recently as 1996 or 1997. Thanks for digging this up, Bill. If the old boy is still kicking, it would be cool to get in touch again.
Cirerita, you've struck again ! Wow.

If only we had layout editors today who chose to fill the small spaces of their newspaper pages with encyclopaedic facts instead of celebrity gossip. Give me falling sattelite temperature variations or the botanical history of apples and pears over Paris Hilton anyday.

And was there ever a time in this country when a person could pick up the newspaper and peruse the prices on bath towels, childrens' clothing, and .303 Mark III Enfield Rifles - all in the same convenient advertisement ?

A time lost forever ! ;)
Yes its ironic that the [pirce tha mentions BUk is next to an alcoholism piece...

I'll go one step further. Right between the notice of the alcoholism bureau and the Bukowski mention is a factoid on falling sattelites....falling through the sky....that's the best...


in the hospitals and jails
it's the worst
in madhouses
it's the worst
in penthouses
it's the worst
in skid row flophouses
it's the worst
at poetry readings
at rock concerts
at benefits for the disabled
it's the worst
at funerals
at weddings
it's the worst
at parades
at skating rinks
at sexual orgies
it's the worst
at midnight
at 3 a.m.
at 5:45 p.m.
it's the worst

falling through the sky
firing squads
that's the best

thinking of India
looking at popcorn stands
watching the bull get the matador
that's the best

boxed lightbulbs
an old dog scratching
peanuts in a celluloid bag
that's the best

spraying roaches
a clean pair of stockings
natural guts defeating natural talent
that's the best

in front of firing squads
throwing crusts to seagulls
slicing tomatoes
that's the best

rugs with cigarette burns
cracks in sidewalks
waitresses still sane
that's the best

my hands dead
my heart dead
adagio of rocks
the world ablaze
that's the best
for me.

from Love Is A Dog From Hell - 1977
Those were the days. Our local fishwrap won't even publish reviews of poetry books written by their own reviewer unless the book has a ISBN, which most small press publications don't have. I can't even imagine my hometown newspaper printing a story like that about the release of a little magazine. We have gotten to be so corporate minded in this lousy culture.
Yes, I love the "local fishwrap" phrase. In Key West, it's common to refer to the Key West Citizen as simply "the fishwrapper." First time I remember hearing it was way back when ... Mad magazine was selling a poster of their icon Alfred E. Neuman and they said that it was "suitable for framing or wrapping fish.":)
I heard the term "fishwrap" from Jim Rome, the sports talk radio host. Our local rag, the Statesman Journal, is called the Urinal by most people, appropriately.

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