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Not retarded; genius. If you like that band, how many copies of that are you going to buy? At lea$t two, right? Whenever you can get someone to buy two copies of one product, you are showing some good old fashioned American ingenuity.

I take issue with them touting the glow-in-the-dark, colored and scented vinyl as if they are some sort of hipster pioneers though. That stuff is old news.

The 13" LP: retarded.
I have colored vinyl from the 1950s, maybe even 1940s. Nothing new there. And picture discs from the 40s. All my LPs are scented; mildew smell.

[okay, then I watched the video and it's fairly cool having that 45 hidden inside the bigger record. So will the big record still play through after being split open?]
nervas better hurry. it's for one of Jack White's bands and there are only 300 being made.

and David, yes I think the 12" will still play after you go at it with your Swiss Army. but to mjp's point, record geeks (like myself) would want two. one to play, and one to keep mint.
...or two copies, one to play and one to get mildewed in my basement. I've got about 600 78s down there, mostly inherited from my mom. That's after I weeded them out and donated another 600 to Goodwill. That was a fun day. I'd put a record on the player, listen for a few seconds, then put it in one of two piles: Goodwill or keep. I still don't understand my mom's love of Bing Crosby and polka, but those all went to Goodwill. I kept anything bluesy, jazzy, big bandish, cowboy, or strange.
Before Sinatra came onto the scene and blew all the crooners out of the water, Bing Crosby was the most popular singer in the country.

But more importantly - to get rid of polka records - well, now I know you are a heathen. Besides, you probably could have sold those to hipsters and started an ironic polka 78 trend. You have thrown away your chance to influence the course of history.
Polka is the ultimate party music for really, really drunk people who otherwise keep their emotions deeply buried. I grew up smack in the middle of the polka belt, I can attest to its supernatural powers.
Well, it's not the first time I've thrown out/given away/sold off the best stuff. My instincts about emerging pop culture trends aren't that sharp. Polka does have a certain goofy charm, but then, on some level, all of my mom's records appealed to me, but she had so much stuff and I ran out of room. My loss is Goodwill's gain. No doubt they marked those records at $1 or $2 each. If hipsters bought them up and treasure them, I have no one to blame but myself.

The Bing Crosby ones were plain dull.
This is the polka season too! I was just at a local Octoberfest (everyone seems to have them in September around here - too cold in October?) and heard too much polka. Oh, there can't be such a thing as too much polka. Especially with all the beer one encounters at an Octoberfest. Or watch this video - it will make you want to polka your eyes out. . And the accordions, bless them.
Well here's the thing with Third Man Records. I belone to their vault premium membership. For that I pay $20.00 a month which is quite a bit at $240.00 per month. BUT, it does get you a limited edition package once per quarter. The cool thing is however many members are current and up to date on their payments, is the EXACT number of limited edition packages they make. The package is ALWAYS a 12" vinyl, a 7" vinyl and a goodie. The goodie could be a shirt, a dvd, a poster, a print etc. Now the thing is, if you just search eBay for third man records, you'll see that any of these items, whether its the complete package or seperated always goes for an average of $200.00! I mean, there is a 7" glow in the dark Jack White record right now going for $360.00!!! The thing like that triple decker record, forget it!!!! I can't even imagine what that will go for! The first dead weather(Jack's other band) single, a 7"inch with 2 SONGS on it, just sold for $3,900!!!!!! I really don't know what makes things he does, or the label puts out so collectable immediately! But lastly, here's how the tri-color, spil-color and things like the triple decker work. The third man records label is in Nashville, Tn. They always only make about 100-300 of the tri-color-spilt or things like this new triple decker. The glow in the darks are always limited to 100. Now they always announce the date of when they will go on sale physically at the store in Nashville. But they only sell between 25 and 100. The rest, all that is left over is completely randomly thrown into mail orders. For this, I have ordered every single 7" and record the label has put out. I do enjoy all the music as well, but to date, I have not received one of these special edition type things. As I said at the beginning, I have received things like the White Stipes Icky Thump record in Mono, which If I threw up on eBay right now would bring me between 150-200 bucks. They also announced the package for October 31st which will be a split color black and blue dead weather album, a 7" and a dvd. I already know, this will bring 200-300 bucks on eBay, simply because it's split colored.

But I mean, look at this, which will probably sell for about $150.00!Some lucky sucker got this for $5.00, either at the store or through random order(unless of course he bought it on eBay and is just re-selling) but THIS Conan Obrien(yes THAT) Conan Obrian 7" was just released like one month ago? And it's already woth 30 times more than it's list price. Damn, if I lived in Nashville I'd sleep outside the store trying to buy this stuff. One of the funniest things on the Third Man site, is in the FAQ's. The question is, if I'm not satisfied with my $20.00 a month membership, can I get my money back. The answer is, absolutely not. If you're unhappy, feel free to list your stuff on eBay, keep whatever it cost you to equal the months you were a member and then feel free to send us all the extra cash! Funny and true.

My guess is that these records will be just like Rickey Henderson rookie cards. Back in about 1991, his 1980 rookie card in fine condition was selling for well over $100. Now, you couldn't glue it to a letter and sell it as postage.
Take the eBay reselling angle out of this scheme and you are paying $240 for 4 LPs and 4 singles. $50 per LP and $10 per single.

If I burned those songs onto a CD and took away the Cracker Jack prize packaging, how much would you pay for them?

Subtract how much you'd pay for the actual music from the "membership" price of $240.

The result is how much you're being ripped off.

Having said that, if the Clash had come up with a con like this when I was a teenager, I would have been a member. I probably would have had two memberships. But I loved their music. I wouldn't have cared about the packaging. In fact I wouldn't have liked packaging like this because colored vinyl is noisier than good quality black vinyl.

Anyway, the music's the thing, and I can't say if these Jack-and-friends records are worth the money on their hard rocking merits alone, because I don't listen to that shit.
Haha, I hear ya both p.s. and mjp... However, I do care about the music, probably more than the packaging. I also try and collect everything that about 3-4 different bands do, not counting the 3 bands that Jack White is involved with, so it's more like 6 bands. I have never attempted to look, but for example the last membership album was a Double White Stripes live LP. Now maybe somewhere on the internet, via a torrent or something I could have found the album. However, if I couldn't find it, then I could never really own it, and man, I just can't sleep if someone out there has a White Stripes album that I don't have! There are several things I'll probably never fork out the money for, but I do my best to try and get everything. I also know myself too well, and if I wasn't part of this membership, I'd be the guy paying 200 bucks for the LP I could have simply paid 60 bucks for if I had been a member during that entire quarter. Plus it's that old feeling of having a limited edition of something everyone wants. And when they say limited, or never to be pressed again, so far they are true to that!

And p.s. that guitar groove you didn't feel is NOT Jack White, hahaha, don't blame him for that. In the band the dead weather jack plays the drums and sings every now and then. The guitarist you hear is Dean Fertita. He's the guitar player for the dead weather and is originally from Queens of the Stone Age. And man, I hope you're right that these things come down in value, being I have no interest what so ever in selling any of my stuff, I'd love to be able to collect the things I'm missing, at a much cheaper price. I still am wondering how high these triple decker records will go....

And mjp, Jack White and some of his friends are absolutely worth the money on hard rocking merits alone!
Honestly wish Jack White would just focus all his powers on The White Stripes and leave all the rest of this stuff alone. Love the Stripes - have all their cds, dvds, seen 'em live a couple of times - but not much in to all of White's extraneous projects. But I respect devoted fans like nervas who support these kinds of things. If you feel the way you do about the Kindle, then you've gotta apply in to the iPod. The corporeal stuff is where it's at. A true fan really doesn't give a shit what a 'collectible' is worth down the road.
Well Stav, you really need to give the Raconteurs and the dead weather another chance. Yes, the stripes were the main vehicle, but it's hard to deny that when Jack is writing with Brendan Benson, it's pretty hard to top!

I mean, really who could ever top White/Benson except for maybe Lennon/Mccartney and Bon Jovi/Sambora. Hhahah, sarcasm font intended on the bon jovi/sambora thingy, though they did pen a few number one singles!

But anyway, seriously, give the raconteurs a 2nd chance. Their second album Consolers of the Lonely, is brilliant! You're absolutely right, I couldn't care less as to the value of any Jack White stuff I have, simply because I will not sell it, nor even consider it.
From the sounds of that guitar groove, I'd have no problem cracking the 12", but it wouldn't be to hear the 7".

It had the exact opposite effect on me. That guitar groove got me hooked so badly, that Dead Weather's "Sea Of Cowards" album is on repeat on my iPhone since then. I never heard the band before or The Raconteurs and only knew one song, "Seven Nation Army", from The White Stripes... It's not the kind of music that I usually listen to, but so much rawness and energy that I just had to try it. And it's a hell of an album.

Favorite lyric - "I'm like a newspaper, you can't read me" :)
Honestly wish Jack White would just focus all his powers on The White Stripes and leave all the rest of this stuff alone.
Isn't all that White Stripes music just him though? No musician can work in a vacuum like that forever (I see you over there Prince - this means you too!), at some point you need to sit down with other players or you'll never be surprised. You'll never have those great "Well I wouldn't have thought of that!" moments.
Isn't all that White Stripes music just him though? No musician can work in a vacuum like that forever (I see you over there Prince - this means you too!), at some point you need to sit down with other players or you'll never be surprised. You'll never have those great "Well I wouldn't have thought of that!" moments.

Yeah, I don't doubt you are right. Just dig the Stripes but can't get in to his other projects - muleheadedness, I suppose. The White Stripes it's true really is just him but onstage there's that intangible something with Meg that's unique and rarely comes about.
Good thread. I didn't know that color vinyl doesn't sound as good as black vinyl, mjp. Now I want to dig out my old color vinyl LPs and listen to them, except my turntable is ailing and makes a loud thumping sound on each revolution. And I want to hear some White Stripes again.
I didn't know that color vinyl doesn't sound as good as black vinyl...
It certainly didn't back in the late 70s/early 80s, during the last great colored vinyl craze. Way more crackly surface noise, and I also remember reading at the time that they were less durable too. I don't know if that's true of not. I never played the hell out of a colored vinyl disc.

I do know that every colored vinyl disc I bought and played was noticeably crappier than a black vinyl version (if one was available for comparison). But I'm not sure they were meant to be played. I think you were just supposed to shell out the dough and stare at them or something. Like picture discs, another dopey 80s fad. Those all sounded like crap because they were essentially clear vinyl sandwiched around a paper disc.
Anyone with input on the more recent colored vinyls? I too was ignorant of any difference in sound from black vinyl.

Colored vinyl from the 90's and least to my ears...sound equally good as their black siblings. But maybe you would need some serious hi fi equipment to hear any difference.
Paper? So that's why my picture disc had such a thin sound. I thought it was an expensive vinyl print. I think I've owned all Depeche Mode records from their start until the Strangelove maxi and most of it was colored vinyl; nice to look at in red and marble... but I basically don't understand the sense of a record that is only nice to look at.
They may well sound better now, I wouldn't be surprised since vinyl records are more of a niche these days and not mass produced.

But re: picture discs - I never got the point of those, since the disc image was always nothing more than a copy of the cover. What's the purpose of that? No one did anything creative with it back then.
The one picture disc I bought had 2 unreleased tracks on it, but the images of side a/b were nothing special, like you said. Those 2 tracks were put on an album CD reissue by the band more than a decade later and sound a lot better.
Ok, now this is just crazy, there are already a few of the triple decker records on eBay. There is one that ends in 16 hours and is already at $333.00 with 14 bids.... OK WOW, nevermind I just saw another one with a minimum starting bid of $10,000.00. The seller has to be insane, what a waste of time listing that. Even the $1,000.00 one is too far fetched. But I bet the no reserve ones will end up selling for close to $500.00!!! Insane!
A publisher could do a similar stunt with a hidden little book buried inside the guts of a bigger book. No one would suspect it was there until years later when the books start to wear out and the insides of the binding become exposed. Hmmm...
A publisher could do a similar stunt with a hidden little book buried inside the guts of a bigger book. No one would suspect it was there until years later when the books start to wear out and the insides of the binding become exposed. Hmmm...

Kind of like this? (thou this is more of a slipcase; but the idea is there)

Ha, come on hank, you know Jack wouldn't want someone paying more than the $5.00 original value! Man, that $1,000.00 buy it now seems to not be sooo insane. I'm watching all of these listings and the first two listed end in about an hour, and my guess since there both in the mid $400.00 range is that they will go for over $500.00! Now, this is something I just could not ever justify. To pay $500.00 for something that cost $5.00 literally two days ago. It just seems wrong. I mean I don't think Jack, or third man records said another triple decker record will never ever be made? But I guess everyone wants their hands on the first one?

Interesting, I just looked at the location of the items. Every one of them but two are all in Tennessee, where Third Man Records is located. One is in Virginia and one is in Ohio. I wonder how long these people wait in line? I mean, it has to be for days I would imagine. And seemingly, all the ones for sale right now are ones bought at the store as opposed to the stupid random mail order. I don't know, if you didn't like the dead weather, or Jack White, it seems Tennessee would be a great little place to live, making a few hundred extra dollars a month on this stuff! HA!

I'm also trying to figure out what this proves about Jack White. I don't think many on here like him, but come on, there isn't another active band that could dream of drawing up this sort of attention, etc, especially doing it in the vinyl format. I mean, I've seen a few currently active bands, Pearl Jam to name one, where their limited edition stuff soars in value, BUT I've never seen anything like this, in my lifetime.
I'm picturing a tiny book hidden inside the binding of a larger book, maybe buried under the pastedown sheet, rather than a hollowed out book. Something you'd never suspect was there until the book binding started falling apart and the hidden book became visible.
I wonder how many of the people who managed to get their hands on a triple decker in the store actually kept their copy and didn't purchase it solely for the purpose of making a small fortune on ebay. Jack surely isn't the one gaining any money from this. Maybe cultural capital or some shit but not economic. But he can't be as naive as to think that people won't be paying ridiculous overprice for it on ebay. He knew this when he made the record. The more I think about it the more I despise him for it.

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