Visit to Bukowski's Grave

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  1. sometime soon. I just love the guy.
    has anyone else gone ?and what did you do at the site?
    I was thinking when i go, I would do something fun and crazy.. like something in honor of his life, something he would approve of, like taking a water glass full of cheap vino and smashing it on the gravestone and saying, " You cheap good for nothing lazy whore" .
  2. Show him some leg, he'd love that.
  3. ha ha, ok. good idea. thats EZ.
  4. Traditionally one visits a grave site to mourn or reminisce, not to do performance art. But plenty of people behave like assholes at Bukowski's grave, in the misguided belief that it's something that he would think was cool.

    I'm pretty sure Bukowski is too dead to care what you do six feet above his bones, but the people who have to clean up after you probably do care. So maybe reconsider your initial plan in deference to them, if no one else.
  5. skiroomalum

    skiroomalum See that bank? Used to be a cigar store... Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    Gravediggers lives matter.
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  6. Quoting the great one"some people never go crazy, what truely horrible lives they lead. "
    I have it as a Magnet on my refrigerator with his portrait and try to live by those words everyday. So let's pour out a little liquor to all the groundskeepers who keep the cemetery's all over the world lookin nice.
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    PhillyDave “The essential doesn't change.” Beckett Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    Thats the name of my new memoir/album/movie.
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