Voice In A New York Subway - Matrix, 1946-47 (1 Viewer)


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"Voice In A New York Subway,? in MATRIX v. 9 nos. 3-4 (Double Issue Winter 1946-47), p. 11.

together with the 3 poems published in Madrigals and the ones uploaded here, we can now safely assume that we have all the poems B ever published before 1955, save the one published in Write circa 1944.



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Interesting. That does read like the work of a young (inexperienced) writer. Similar to the way Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip reads. Good to see it.


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Aftermath... is probably one if not my favorite Buk short and I don't think it reads bad at all. It's probably just me but I don't find them similar at all.


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I don't think Aftermath is bad...it just has certain aspects that mark it as the work of a young writer. Nothing wrong with that.
This is very interesting. Can anyone tell me any more about the magazine Matrix itself? I can't find any info anywhere about who it was edited by, what sort of writers it published, etc. All I know is from Sounes' biography, which says that it was a mimeo magazine and that some readers complained about Buk's writing, as well as that the University of Santa Barbara holds some copies of it. Not much, tbh!


Copies of Matrix are rarer than hen's teeth. It is also hard to find info as there is a well regarded magazine called Matrix that is published today. No relation to the old Matrix, so Google searches can get confusing...

Cheers Bill and Jason.

Does anyone have any idea who else was published in Matrix? I'm just wondering if it was a small group of pretty much unknown writers, or if it was people whose names are still known. Also, if it was a magazine like Story, say, which was aiming to be very avant-garde, or if it was something different - e.g. popular fiction, genre fiction?

Thanks again!

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