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See here: http://www.victorianweb.org/authors/davies/intro.html
His wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W._H._Davies

Is anyone familiar with him?

W.H. Davies was a poet in the early 20th century who lived as a tramp and hobo in America for a number of years until he was crippled due to a train accident. Following the accident he began writing poetry. Having very little money and spending his time either on the road or in the poorhouse, he spent six months nearly starving while saving enough money to publish his poetry. Shortly after this period he was interviewed (one of several times) by a "charity" organization in the hopes of paying for his expenses, but apparently they did not consider writing to be "work."

"Their next question confirmed this opinion - "Do you ever do anything for a living?" "

The first link above has a few examples of his poetry. I also highly recommend his "Auto-biography of a Super-Tramp." The introduction was written by George Bernard Shaw, who received a copy of the book in the mail. (Davies had personally mailed it asking the recipient to send him a half-crown sum, or to return the book if it was unsatisfactory.)

Davies' work is often described as simple and "child-like", but I would qualify that by saying that children are not stupid, and often see life much clearer than most adults... He also had a poet's natural eye, and was a gifted story teller... Blah, blah... hope some of you find him interesting. :)

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