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Buk seems to get self conscious about finishing his poems.

I wish I had saved more as examples, but this is just one of many of Buks poems where he finishes his poem selfconsciously, thinking he's waffling....

There's a fair few of his poems where he's very self conscious about poeming on too much in his last line or two...

As the poems go

...the best writers have said very
the worst,
far too much.
@skiroomalum, there's a fair few goes in his poems where he talks about going on to long. I've read all his poems. But he sounds like he's enjoying it. Not bagging him. Adds to his 'majesty'.

Actually, I haven't read bestial wail....

It's not he's said it once. He makes this point (beating on too much) about 5 or 6 times. Which is cool. It's just a point of interest less than bagging him. Not bagging him at all...
All good!

I'll find moments where he does this - bag out on his own poem for not being swift enough - when I re-read over the next year or two and post here. Much love skiroomalum!

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