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Not read nor write
I took part (by mail) of the VII Experimental Poetry Contest at Badajoz, Spain. I was lucky enough to get the 9th place from 27 artists selected for an exhibition. For those interested, experimental poetry is a mix that could include text, image, collage... almost anything.

I share this here because my work (titled 'Walking with women') includes an aerial picture of a famous corner: De Longpre Ave and N Kingsley Dr.

If you want to see it:


Otra = Other
Ella = (loosley translated) Woman

I see what this is.
Very nice. Very nice indeed.

Or should I say:

Vrey Nice :eek:

- -
Father Luke
Explaining what?

Thanks Father, lovely vodka, roni, Gerard, hooch and harrystuped.

Father accidentally found an interesting variation: 'orta' is very close to 'orto'. That's slang here for ass. That would give an entire different approach... ;)

'Ella' is simply 'she' and 'otra' is 'another she -another woman-', but could be 'another street'. I know that I'm not supposed to explain something like this (hence, you should understand or interpret whatever you like) but I tried (again: I tried) to show the idea of how the same place (a corner in this case) changes for you depending on which person is with you at the time. A person you care about, of course. That happens a lot in a little city like where I live. I hope you got the idea.

Thanks again. I still can't believe it.

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