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This is a GREAT article about a Wallace Berman exhibit that just opened in a gallery near New York University. All nine issues of Semina are on display. If you don't know who Berman is, this is a fine introductory piece. It would cost thousands of $$$ to put together a collection of all nine issues of Semina, but here's an example of how they were originally distributed:

"...The image appeared in the first issue of Mr. Berman's loose-leaf journal, Semina, copies of which he had scattered around the gallery floor."

Bukowski appeared in Semina Two.

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The exhibit is well worth seeing -- it was out here on the west coast (in Santa Monica and then Berkeley) over the summer. The catalogue for the show (383 pages) does a wonderful job of describinig the art and artists in the 'circle' [many copies available on ABE and eBay].

For a bit more on Berman there's a page devoted to his book art here: http://www.verdantpress.com/berman.html
Bukowski appeared in Semina Two.


She lays like a lump
I can feel the great empty mountain
of her head.
But she is alive. She yawns and
scratches her nose and
pulls up the cover.
Soon I will kiss her goodnight
and we will sleep.
and far away is Scotland
and under the ground the
gophers run.
I hear engines in the night
and through the sky a white
hand whirls:
good night, dear, good night.




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