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Here is my (dream) want list. If someone had every item on this list for sale, I would not be able to buy it as I could not scrape the funds together, but if anyone has some.... Willing to buy or trade for the following:

Another Academy - Broadside (1970)
An Answer To a critic of Sorts - Broadside (1970)
The New Censorship v4n2- Book (1993)
Pastoral - Broadside (1991)
Bluebird - Broadside (1991)
Relentless As The Tarrantula - Chapbook (1986)
Blow 6 - chapbook ORANGE COVER (1984)
Note Upon A Workshop Instructor.... - Broadside (1978)
462-0614 - Broadside (1976)
If I Suffer At This - Business Card Poem (1976)
Face of A Political Candidate - Broadside (1975)
Winter - Broadside (1975)
Weather Report - Broadside (1975)
86'd - Broadside (1975)
Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame - HB 1st Trade Edition (1973)

What I have EXTRA

Betting o the Muse HB signed 1st
Odyssey magazine from 1959 w/ one Buk poem
Flying Through Space - Original 3 page manuscript w/ 3 hand corrections, by Buk but not signed.
Democracy Broadside - X-Ray Press (Minor wear)
Chilled Green postcard (1970)
JAggernaut Chapbook
be cool fool broadside
Warm Light bookmark
Afternoons into night broadside
Advice for some young man - Broadside as part of Bottle #4
coffee and babies - Broadside as part of Bottle #3

I'm sure that I have more, but I will need to dig a bit more.


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