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want to sell bukowski for PokerStars $ ? (1 Viewer)

I'm broke but got some bucks on PS :)

looking for Buk on black sparrow press (does not have to be first print). also interrested in broadsides. Please post some prices.

I'll ship $ before you send books.
"not all of us are gamblers and those who aren't don't

regards, paul
Are you a poker player Bill?

Anyone else?

I'm playing Poker (real money) since last week. Small amounts....like betting on the horses.

( A few days ago a guy had pair of Aces two times in a row and hit another ace on both flops! I've never seen this before.)

I'm thinking to start a thread about Poker since months...but that's how it goes, I still need to start a Chess thread as well.

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