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WANTED: Father Luke - "The pages turned to dust" (1 Viewer)

I have a hard cover (2nd Ed.) and a 1st wraps edition, so, if you have something nice to trade or a reasonable offer, I could part with the soft cover. Lemme know. I'm not talking anything too expensive, but I don't want to undervalue the Padre's writing (or the fine work of our own Bill of Bottle of Smoke Press) either; both of which are priceless.
Fortunately, he also does publish at fatherluke.com

But yeah, good luck... My copy came to me by a stroke of luck that I doubt I'll ever be able to repeat... Still there's always Abe. Someday, a copy may show up there, right?

Indeed it is. I sold it for original purchase price. I debated whether it would be better to increase the market value of FL's work, or to "get the word out there with profit no factor." At the end of the day, I decided that making a profit was not the right way to go. I hope I made the better decision; either way, I didn't make it lightly.

And no, if I ever sell my Buk collection, I will likely not have the same opinion. :D
Oh thanks, its a screen capture from the "apostrophes" talkshow.

Your avatar is a good freeze frame.
For the ones who havn't seen the show, you can watch part of it here but I thought I had seen a longer version where Bukowski walks away with wires attached to him.
But I supposed I wandered too far again, sorry.
This is about FL 'the pages turn to dust',
beautiful little collection of poems, beautiful hard cover.

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