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Hi everyone,

My name is Jess and I'm actually here hunting for a birthday/Christmas gift for my husband. I'm in search of a poster, possibly of a book cover if possible. I think his favourite book is women. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? We are in Australia. Thanks so much!
then this is the one you want - don't know if anyone around here has one for sale. try abebooks or ebay.

an esteemed member of the forum has a great site that i grabbed the image from


you might be able to get one for under $100 but i haven't seen one priced lately.

if you want a photo of bukowski, it will be more difficult. however, black sparrow press produced a bunch of really nice promotional posters, many of which are still around. here's an example from ham on rye (for some reason, this one has the most copies in circulation).


Before you buy from an online seller, email Jeff Maser in Berkeley, since he used to have bunch of these, and his were all unfolded too. He'll also give you a fair price, since you see a lot of booksellers marking these up quite a bit.

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