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The Cruelty of Loveless Love
To make a long shitty story short, I just moved to another part of CO and the damn U-haul trailer leaked and a bunch of my Buk books got soaked. Luckily, my collectible copies were in a rubber container, but as for the copies in the cardboard boxes, they got trashed. So I'm looking for reading copies of most of Buks works, and no I'm not looking for free hand outs, I'm not that much of a dick. I can Pay Pal money ASAP. Just send me a list of what you guys have and we'll go from there. Thanks...
I'm looking into it right now, but the chance of them giving me much for a bunch of ruined old paperbacks is probably pretty low. And I actually paid more for the legal version, they nailed up the hole before I rented it.
All box trucks leak if the rain comes down hard enough. Ours at work (we have about 30 trucks) only leak in downpours, but then they all leak.

It is something about using the lightweight metal, riveting it and then subjecting it to bouncing around on the road. Over time, the develop small holes or fissures in the joints.

Of course, if they made them like airplanes, then they may not leak, but that would be expensive.

When it rains, it pours, and in this case directly on Bukowski. Well I just bid and won a copy of Women on ebay so the process has begun. And Bill is there any area you're not an expert on, hot damn! Want to start another business making leak proof box trucks with me?

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