Wanted: Warhol-film on Henry Geldzahler (1 Viewer)

This request of mine is a tough cookie and I guess, only the fanatic deepdiggers of either the artworld or the darkweb will be able to help me:

I'm searching for the Andy-WARHOL-movie: "Henry Geldzahler" (1964) featuring the famous curator of that name.

All info I can come up with is this:
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Geldzahler_(film)
and this:
- http://www.warholstars.org/henry-geldzahler.html

I'm aware, that the MoMA already started to digitize even the lesser known films by Warhol, but have no idea, if this particular one is already done or (if so) how to get it from them.

Anyone here?
If it was "findable" via Google, this search would probably bring it up:

-inurl:(htm|html|php|asp|aspx) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(avi|flv|wmv|mov|mp4) "Geldzahler"

But it comes up empty. It could be out there as a different filetype, but those are the five most common video types.

That search also works pretty well to find music files that aren't easily findable (hiding in directories with no pages, etc.):

-inurl:(htm|html|php|asp|aspx) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(wma|mp3) "beatles"

For the movie, my only other suggestion would be to try the dark web sites with Tor...
I'm spending the day tomorrow with Malanga. I'll ask him. I doubt that he has one. I just left him a message, so I'll let you know what he says. My guess is that he was the cameraman on that movie, so he may know how to get one.

Have you contacted the Warhol Museum?

Also, I believe that Raymond Foye knew Henry well, so if you know him, maybe he has a copy.

There was a DVD of the movies of Warhol on ebay a while back. I think that it was a DVR. Not sure if that was on it. Most likely, it was whatever they could steal off the web, so if you can;t find it, they probably didn't either.

What is the reason for wanting this? Sounds like a tough watch.

OK, I just talked to Gerard. This is what he said (paraphrased):

The film was shot the day after EMPIRE was shot. Andy had rented a camera and had an extra day of use for the camera, so he decided to shoot this Henry Geldzahler film. Empire was shot on Saturday, July 25, 1964. "Henry" was shot on Sunday July, 26, 1964.

He said that one of two people will have a copy. They are:

Warhol Museum

Contact their film department. Apparently one or both lends out Warhol films for viewing, so contact them both. Not sure what they would need to send a copy, or what format it is in. Probably a film reel.

Keep us updated.

Wow! You cats are amazing!
Thank you for the input!

What is the reason for wanting this?
A couple of years ago, I made a videoperformance, where I smoke a cigar (and write things on sheets of paper). Now lately I came to learn, that Andy did a similar thing with Geldzahler back in the 60s. Obviously I'm curious to see it.
I had no idea at all who he was roni, but I wanted to help you find the film. What an interesting man. Ended up watching that lecture thing and reading some other stuff - so thank you.:)
The Whitney had offered me a live screening in their rooms.
Unfortunately, I'm not exactly in the financial position for a flight to the US just for a quick flick and a doughnut.
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Plan B roni, you'll have to use your powers of persuasion and get your nearest museum of modern art to host an exhibition of it.
Plan C - even better - persuade the copyright holders in Pittsburgh to become Signatories to the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to get Warhol's film art properly archived on the internet, that way I can see it too! I want to watch the beguiling Geldzahler fiddle and struggle (and win out hopefully) in messy human-ness with the couch and the merciless camera.
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