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Looking to acquire the following (at reasonable prices) via purchase or trade:

- Longshot Pomes for Broke Players
- 2 Poems / 2 by Bukowski
- The Curtains Are Waving And People Walk Through The Afternoon Here And In Berlin And In New York City And In Mexico
I have that cover of Curtains that I bought from Bill. If that's any indication, it's a very delicate item. I have to wonder how many survived in decent condition.
Well yeah, because I wished you luck, which - when it comes from me - is a celestial blessing, even if I'm being blatantly sarcastic.

You're welcome.
Yup. No indication it ever had pages in it - no holes. Print over run most likely. I try to sell it on ebay on occasion as a frameable piece because I'm too cheap to buy a frame.

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