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Hoping someone might be able to shed some light.

I just received the first trade hardcover of War All The Time.

Beautiful book in fantastic condition. However, one strange thing - the grey paper label on the spine seems to be pasted the wrong way around. On all my other BSP firsts - Buk's name is always at top of the spine but this copy has his name at the bottom of the spine.

Everything else seems in order (color title page, etc) ... although the font on the colophon is much smaller than usual.

Any similar experiences out there?? Anyone else have a first trade to compare??

If I read your post correctly the spine label is reversed on your edition of War All the Time. After 24 years, depending on the care the book receives, it is not unusual for a glued spine label to come loose. Perhaps a previous owner glued it back on upside down. I assume the Bukowski name comes before the title on the label regardless of how it's glued to the spine.
You read correctly.

Book is in almost mint condition so it would be surprising for it to have fallen off.

The book was pretty expensive - thinking of returning it. The clear dust jacket is also a bit thin for BSP.

Such a good looking book though!!!

Any ideas on the smaller font in colophon??

I'm sure it is original - I've turned it upside down on my bookshelf!!
No matter how much makeup a pretty elderly lady applies, some hair still turns gray and falls out. :D So it is with books too.
I'd imagine there being lots of freshly bound hardbacks sitting in a box with their spines pointing up, and some careful soul tries to apply the labels in a uniform manner.

Of course, if one of the books is upside-down in the box... no-one would notice until they unpacked the books.
Thanks guys - very helpful - as always

As Madonna said (I bet no-one ever thought Madonna would be quoted on this site) - 'I'm keeping my baby'
If it isn't a first, it certainly would surprise me.

But hey... you've gotta go with the quote that fits, even if some schmuck said it.

I really like both the title and cover design for War All The Time. I really need a copy to adorn my bookshelf, I think...

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