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i bought a lot of 6 BSP catalogs on eBay, and in the one announcing war all the time, there is a little card that says: "Private Announcement" and then goes on to say that there will be a limited edition of the book with an original oil painting bound in for $100. that was a bonus I didn't expect to get.
If you could go back in time and buy a few dozen of those $100 editions, that would be a bonus.
oh man, you're telling me!!! looking through their old catalogs, it shocks me that signed editions of buk books were only $5 more (if not the same price) than all their other authors... and most of those books have depreciated to well below the original selling price, especially if you consider inflation.

also, my memory of the card was wrong- IT WAS ONLY $75!!!

it bums me out that I came so late to the Buk party... i mean, i got some cool editions that have appreciated since i bought them, but to have discovered him when i was 3 or 4 years old... man, I'd have a killer collection.
That brings up an interesting point, Jordan...whose out there right now, unknown but great? Undiscovered, signing books for a song, publishing bits and pieces here and there?

It makes you wonder if this kind of greatness, Buk's kind of genius, is simply always ahead of its time...that normal mortals (like me) just can't see it, can't accept it until decades have passed.

Hell, I grew up in L.A. in the 60's and was only allowed to watch the Beatles on Ed Sullivan after much weeping and gnashing of teeth ;) Bukowski!! Are you kidding..it would have been considered XXX pornography around my house. (And yet my Mom was probably slamming down drinks with Hank at the Silverlake Bar, she even worked at the downtown L.A. post office during those years).

So whose out there now I'm not quite ready for? How about it Jordan, mjp, any hidden genius to speak of? Just wondering...
Well, maybe Arfrica is the place to go (Togo, get it), ... but then again, I'm from Australia, aboriginally...sorry about the bad puns Roni...wirklich furchtbar, gelle :)

Anyway, mjp, I enjoyed guerillapoetics...think I'll sign up...some of the poems were outstanding...seems a good way to spread some cheer

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