War all the time: what's with all the missing pages? (1 Viewer)

I got War All the Time out of the library and noticed it has a ton of blank pages. Horsemeat must have half a dozen omitted pages alone.

I'm a newbie to Bukowski (and this forum) so I have to ask how normal is this for Black Sparrow. I have the 9th printing. Is there another printing that contains all the pages?
Printing error. A sheet probably went through the press stuck to another sheet leaving one side unprinted. Not sure what size their signatures were but I'll bet that there are either 8 or 16 blank pages, right?
Just a flake incident is my guess. I have three copies of War... and all of them have the proper pages/printing. In general, BSP is well-regarded for quality, so maybe you just got one of a bad batch.

You need to read all of Horsemeat - find another copy.
Thanks for the ideas. Not sure how many blanks there are -- will have to go back and check.

So there is nothing specifically wrong with the 9th printing? Just wondering because there are a few other copies in the library system that I can go after. I definitely want to read all of Horsemeat.
So there is nothing specifically wrong with the 9th printing?

Nope. This type of error just affects an occasional individual sheet, unlike when you have pages bound in upside-down which usually affects a small stack of signatures (meaning more bad books).

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