Was Bon Scott (AC/DC) inspired by Charles Bukowski ?

Discussion in 'All things Bukowski' started by Petey, May 31, 2008.

  1. Well there a two men who influenced my life.
    Charles Bukowski and the former AC/DC singer Bon Scott.


    There are a lot of similarities in both characters and both lived their lives in a
    very excessive way.
    My question is if Scott was influenced in some way in his lyrics by
    Bukowski ?
    Scott was called the last rock poet in his days and i wanna know if he or the band maybe read some stuff from Bukowski.
    I tried to ckeck this out in the internet but never came to a concrete conclusion.

    Any ideas ? I know there are other AC/DC fans in this place...
  2. Ponder

    Ponder "So fuck Doubleday Doran" Live to Ride ROAD CAPTAIN

    If you can't find any info on the internet...hhmm, bad sign. I trust your research skills.

    Good luck, Petey.
  3. I liked AC/DC quite a bit as a youngster. All those upside-down and inside out guitar riffs, bouncing off the rhythm section such in unnatural and pleasing ways. But honestly, no offense, I don't understand anyone calling Scott the "last rock poet." Or any kind of poet. Seriously? Rhyming knees and please (as in "She's Got Balls") is very 1970's rock band, but I think it would be a stretch to call it poetry.

    But as far as that goes, none of the musicians that inspired me wrote any particularly poetic lyrics either. And I know I'm pretty much alone in this belief, but I don't think there is any poetry in popular music. We've talked about this before as far as people like Dylan and Morrison are concerned. I do not find an ounce of poetry there. Great lyrics, yes. And that is an art form unto itself. But not poetry. The words collapse without the music, across the board.

    When someone like Jim Carroll (or many others, but he's the best example) tried to shoehorn written poetry into a pop music frame, the results were/are always - to my ears - clumsy and awful. (Ditto attempts to shoehorn music around old or existing poetry readings. You know who you are.)

    There should be satisfaction in being a great lyricist. It's definitely and art. I don't know why people always want to drag poetry into it though. ;) It's like saying people who climb mount Everest are great skiers. Same snow underneath, two very different things.
  4. What? You don't like this masterpiece? ;)

    I gotta admit this album was frequently played at my place when I was reading Poe some 20 years ago... Quite different from the pop stuff Parsons released in the 80's.
  5. there are similarities in content but, i would think bon scott was not even thinking about bukowski when he had the microphone in his hand.
  6. sure he was influenced by him, as you can see from those titles:

  7. And they both claimed to have BIG BALLS
  8. Great band but not great lyrics.

    I remember eons ago when AC/DC were being accused of being devil worshippers because of song titles like "Highway to Hell." I believe this interview was in Creem and was probably with the second singer.

    Anyways his reply, "Well, the real motivation of our lyrics is to try to get one line to rhyme with the next."

    And I barely see the difference between prose and poetry and little difference from song lyrics or whatever. Saying something is poetry is like saying something is art, I think.
  9. now that was funny......:D
  10. "Well, the real motivation of our lyrics is to try to get one line to rhyme with the next."

    Yeah but i like it...

    Well, I feel like a shirt that ain't been worn
    Feel like a sheep that ain't been shorn
    Feel like a baby that ain't been born
    Feel like a rip that ain't been torn
    Wish I'd done something so I could boast
    But I've had one less than the Holy Ghost
    And I hear that he's had less than most
    I been up in the hills too long
    That old sow's getting too old now
    I been up in the hills too long
    Ain't a thing on the farm that's safe from harm
    I been up in the hills too long
    Well, I feel like a song that ain't been sung
    I feel like a phone that ain't been rung
    I feel like a barrel that ain't been brung
    Feel like a murderer that ain't been hung
    Wish I'd done something so I could brag
    I feel like a squirrel that ain't been bagged
    25 years and I ain't been shagged
    I been up in the hills too long
    Well, I feel like an egg that ain't been laid
    I feel like a bill that ain't been paid
    I feel like a giant tha ain't been slayed
    I feel like a sayin' that ain't been said
    Well, I don't think things can get much worse
    I feel my life is in reverse
    One more fuck it'll be my first
    I been up in the hills too long.
  11. I didn't read that, myself. :)
  12. I have to weigh in here: uggghhh. Interpret as you will.

    I might add that Buk did not influence my life. No. I like Buk for two reasons:

    1) He's a fantastic writer

    2) I totally relate to his philosophy of being alone.

    I don't like to be alone because Buk wanted to; I like Buk because I also want to be alone. Go away is a beautiful philosophy.
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  13. Just a comment on this. I was acquainted with Bon Scott back in the sixties when he was singing with the Valentines. He struck me as a bloke who would never willingly have read a book in his life. So I doubt if he was influenced by Bukowski.

    Sorry. Couldn't help it.
  15. Well it seems Scott was influenced by life and not by Bukowski or other writers...
    Bad news for me but it`s very cool to have contact with a person who met Bon.
    It would be very interesting for me if you will share more information.
  16. A guy that my dad shot in the ass with rock salt,
    used to play drums with Bon Scott. If that helps.

    He said that Bon liked to drink Jack Daniels ( duh )
    and he said that Bon said that
    "Playing the bagpipes was like sucking on a cat's tail."

    The guy got some thyroid disease and he blew up
    to about three hundred pounds, and he lives on the
    streets now.

    But that's another story.
  17. Gerard K H Love

    Gerard K H Love Appreciate your friends Men of Mayhem

    You think it might have been a reaction to the mixture of gunpowder and rock salt?
  18. " Playing the bagpipes was like sucking on a cat's tail."

    not a bad one Padre but take this:

    " It keeps you fit - the alcohol, nasty women, sweat on stage, bad food - It's all very good for you. "

    " I've never had a message for anyone in my entire life. Except maybe to give out my room number. "
  19. I don't see any direct influence on Scott's lyrics. But I will recognize the similarities in approach that Buk and Scott each took to their own art. A stripped down, no bullshit, lean and mean attitude. However, there are other bands/musicians with similar approaches. Tons actually.
  20. Sad but true read this:



    and here are the lyrics from Bon Scott for Night Prowler:

    Highway To Hell (1979)
    (Young, Young, Scott)

    Somewhere a clock strikes midnight
    And there's a full moon in the sky
    You hear a dog bark in the distance
    You hear someone's baby cry

    A rat runs down the alley
    And a chill runs down your spine
    Someone walks across your grave
    And you wish the sun would shine
    No one's gonna warn you
    And no one's gonna yell 'Attack'
    And you don't feel the steel
    Till it's hanging out your back

    I'm your Night Prowler, asleep in the day
    I'm your Night Prowler, get out of my way
    Look out for the Night Prowler, watch you tonight
    I'm the Night Prowler, when you turn out the light ...

    Too scared to turn your light out
    'Cos there's something on your mind
    Was that a noise outside your window?
    What's that shadow on the blind?
    As you lie there naked
    Like a body in a tomb
    Suspended animation
    As I slip into your room




    I'm your Night Prowler, break down your door
    I'm your Night Prowler, crawling 'cross your floor
    I'm your Night Prowler, make a mess of you, yes I will
    Night Prowler, and I am telling this to you
    There ain't nothing you can do
    (shazbot nanu nanu)
  21. I love this life more and more

    I know, don't shout at me, yesterday I had not heard of Charles Bukowski. I came across him by a designed accident and I am just in discovery.
    Today I googled him and came upon you. And the first thread I read was this one. Bonn was my main man. I saw AC/DC 8 times, the first time being when I was 13 years young at a place called Malvern Winter Gardens.
    What is more or less, as I read this thread, Highway to Hell came on my music.
    Fuck me backwards. Just thought I should share the moment like.
  22. welcome Lesa.
  23. excellent post.
  24. Yeah welcome buddy - went to my first AC/DC gig in the age of 13 years too.
    But it was in 1982 and Bon was already dead.
    My dad had to join me because i was too young and he was blown away by
    Angus & Co. !

    Ha !!!

    In this magazine Scott's lyrics were compared with Bukowski.

    Of course this is no proof of an influence but :

    Now i'am a lucky man, really...
  25. Pretty cool interviews, keep an eye and ear on 03.20 min.

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  26. Possibly, because Hank lost his virginity tagging a chick who was weighing in at nineteen stone.

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