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http://www.ixwebhosting.com/ hey smart people.Should i spend money and time at a place like this.I really want to build a website one day for my worm farm?
I tried to make a clickable link but still learning.Any advice will be great.
If you have time.


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That's a large host, but I don't know anyone who works for them or uses them. Don't expect a lot of hand holding from a large host.

I can't imagine starting to learn to build a site from scratch at this point. I don't think I'd even try. Too much confusion, so much frustration.


I host with Hostmonster and although they are large, they seem attentive with 24/7 phone support, etc...

Maybe have someone build a site for you? I know a guy...



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If I dont keep learning how to past time in between making money the old way,then time goes a little slower.I am Branching out into more computer time and tech stuff in general.and picking up yhe guitar in my bedroom the way i did in the 90's.
Thanks you two for the feed back.notes taken.