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Thanks interesting stuff !

Digging through the boxes we uncovered extraordinary Bukowski material we had neglected for a long time: poems, essays, letters, photographs, drawings, and audio tapes from over three decades ago.

I am wondering what happened to the above mentioned treasures?
Thanks, for the link! - It's one of the few books about Buk I have'nt read yet.
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It's not really a book about Bukowski, it's more of a "conversation" between Long and John Thomas, with excerpts of transcribed Bukowski taped conversations. I haven't opened it in years, but I remember being disappointed with it when I read it.
Thanks, mjp. Then I guess I have'nt missed anything, at least not anything important.
Any interesting rare pics of Buk in that book?
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I remember reading her website back in the day and wanting to get Buk in the Bathtub but not having the $10 it cost at the right time.
Bukowski in the Bathtub is next to the Purdy-Letters one of the classics I've always wanted to read but never caught anywhere.

Hard to get, those two fuckers.
I'll have to re-read it one of these days, but my first impression of Bukowski in the Bathtub wasn't great. It's a strange book.
as far as I remember it's a dialoque between John and Philomene, where she asks him questions about Bukowski (like: "How did he smell?") and he answers (like: "Not so bad. He took a bath everyday but his breath smelled like vomit.").
I just found that myself a couple days ago. Worth grabbing while it's up. I didn't see it on the original webpage linked to here, but found it by Googling the title. Maybe it's there and we're both blind.
I actually googled "Bukowski disco" and stumbled across it. Maybe it was a present from google? I'm off to enter my desires to Father Googlemas and see if I get any more gifts...
Funny, that you can't find the PDF on the website, only by Googling it.
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I see! And I see you can even get "Women" as a PDF file. I would'nt be surprised if most of Bukowski's books can be found as PDF files on the net.
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Being as the PDF of Bathtub is on Philomene Long's website, even if there's no link to it there, I assume it's a legal copy, put there either by her, while alive, or her estate.
Whoa. Thanks for the links. First time I was able to read Bukowski in the Baththub.

At first it seemed a little dull, but then some interesting details. Like I never knew that John Thomas edited a magazin together with John Bryan and had a column in the free press too.

And he seemed more interested in dispelling Bukowski-myths than blowing them out.

Like Bukowski inviting him over to Delongpre on the telephone, saying that he had some famous poets there discussing poetry and being hurt when Thomas turned him down. True or not; quite the opposite of the Poets-despising-hermit-picture Bukowski always drew of himself.
I haven't read it yet, but it sounds like it's worth the time. You might want to Google and learn about the dark side of John Thomas. He died in jail, for cause. Bukowski seems to have thought highly of Thomas, both as a person and a poet -- I never understood why on either score -- but many of us are blind when it comes to picking our friends.

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