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The Frolic Room, the oldest bar in Hollywood now hosts a Bukowski poetry reading each Monday at 5:20 or so, at 6245 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028-5310 (323) 462-5890

Now a certain skeptical bastard with an initialized handle will claim I own a piece of the bar, or stock in Budweiser or such. I do not. I attended, met outgoing, literary folks and had a blast.
It sounds interesting, although you might not have referred to anyone as a bastard. We all know who are parents are.

There is no sense in fighting the inevitable...
Alluded, not referred. As we are products of both heredity and environment. It's the clothes that make the man. Progeny of the salt of the Earth can awake, put on the bastard outfit and begin the day intent on cynically critiquing the life all around them, dragging us all into their misery. But the reading was lively and spontaneous and enlightening.
Wow, that's a bit weird. I have spent many hours, and nights at the Frolic room, especially when someone is playing across the street at the Fonda theater. Who are the readers of the poetry? And I can't imagine the set-up, since it's so small and seemingly always so loud in there with the jukebox and all...
Hahahaha.... Oh man, I'm sorry, and on that note can I get some sort of reservation for the next reading? I mean, hey I'll read bluebird if everyone else is scared of tackling that monster! But only if my friend can bring his casio keyboard and accompany me.

Wait, I should have also added to my original post, in those hours and nights, I never met any outgoing, literary folks at the Frolic room, but that's probably cause I have not attended Buk night!
...in those hours and nights, I never met any outgoing, literary folks at the Frolic room...
That's because you weren't looking for them. It's kinda like how you never really notice fixies until you ride one yourself. Then you see them everywhere, yo.
Well, according to legmans blog, yes, it was one of his fave bars. I had some friends in a band called blackboard jungle years and years ago, and they loved it for some reason, so that's why I started going there back in 95. From all the time I've spent there, I can only remember pictures of some random dudes from various bands and one of Sly Stallone, but don't remember seeing anything reminding me of Buk there? But something tells me, in the back of my mind, he did mention it somewhere? Sounds familiar for some reason.
In Pam's book Scarlet, she mentions that they went to the Frolic Room sometimes. I don't think he went to bars unless someone dragged him though. Maybe in the 40s and 50s, but you almost never read him writing anything current about hanging around in bars after that.
wasn't the Frolic to be seen in Barfly?

But here's what I thought first, when I read that news:

"... one proprietor of a place down near the shore kept phoning me: 'Listen, you outdraw the rock groups I have down here. I want to put you on each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night of each week.' He didn't realize that each time you heared a song again it had a chance to get better but each time you heared a poem again it just got worse." (Shakespeare Never Did This, chapter 16)

I do not agree with Hank here. A poem can get better too at repeated hearing. As a song can lose.

But all in all: I think a WEEKLY reading of Bukowski at One place may be like inflation. This will not work out for long.
Well, if you're in Frisco, you probably know Britt. I was pretty good friends with all of them, but mostly Dave and nowadays I don't live too far from Brett.
yeah I know Britt...just hung out with him the other night at the Michael Monroe show...also friends with Kenny...I'm coming down to LA in June for their annual reunion show

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