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So my wife and I just agreed that our first anniversay present would be a microscope. She's a nurse and I'm a chemist/environmental scientist and we both have microbiology in our past.

In addition to the 'scope, we got some prepared slides of plant, animal and human stuff, plus some blanks so I can look at my gooly-bag boys swimming and she can give herself pap-smears. Nothing says "I Love You" like a microbiological evaluation of each others bodily fluid, right?

Think of the money we'll save. :cool::eek:
She likes it dry.

Then tell her one of your jokes.

I had a weird anniversary present once.
I was married by a Drunk, who looked like Elvis,
in Las Vegas. My wife had broken my hand the day
before, and couldn't fit the ring on my finger.

The next day were sitting in a park, and she said
that when she gets married she would like to have
white roses.

The present was this:
a week into the marriage, she had it annulled.

Don't get me wrong, I liked it. It just seemed . . .
I don't know. . . weird? Is that the word?

I still have it, after all these years.
Then tell her one of your jokes.

I said dry, not bereft of any evidence of hydration. We do have an 8.5 oz cylinder of ID millenium on the nightstand that more than compensates. Not that you wanted nor needed to know that.

It is the best form of birth control I've ever encountered, however. Talk about win win. OK, I'm done.
Thanks, Padre. August 30th. We got married in Vegas (planned) and I had hoped to make it August 29th (the date of the Beatles last live concert (1966) so I could remember it), but there you have it.
Nothing says "I Love You" like a microbiological evaluation of each others bodily fluid, right?

"The best love poem i can write - at the moment"

hey i love this idea! i have the full picture in front of me: you both holding hands while rotational looking into the thing cheering exited things like: "Now, you have to watch THIS! my sperm is about to go faster and faster! These little rascals!" - "Oh, YEAH! I see it! I wish I had prepared one of my ovums for this exploration! Imagine what they would DO with each other!"

oh, and congrats!
Happy anniversary! Are you going to look for those pesky ever present body mites? They like it dry too.
I got married in Las Vegas as well. Does the sying, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." mean that you are only married in Vegas? My wife sure doesn't think so.

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