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o.k., here it is, babies:

The great grey one with the yellow teeth

It's about Hanks trip to Germany (see: 'Shakespeare never did this')

Starts with Hanks, Lindas and Montforts arrival in Frankfurt Germany, about an incident at the security check due to metal detected (,as well as on the plane concerning the accusation of smoking dope - as told in 'Shakespeare').

Then it's about Buk in the Park Hotel in Mannheim, where he has a verbal fight with people from a medicine-congress who are too loud for him to sleep, wanders through the hotel-kichen to find some ice-cubes, gets caught in the elevator etc.

Then about him denying to eat 'real' food, and being 'punished' for that by only getting small portions of alcohol. Linda forces him to wait 10 minutes between each new pouring of a drink and tries to gain time by teaching him to order his wine in German.

The next day: during shopping, a saleswomen from a bookshop runs to Hank, wants half-a-dozen of his books signed. Shortly after that, right after buying some botztles of wine, a LOT of people come after him to get some autographs.

The closer times get to his reading in Hamburg he gets more nervous and drinks much more. One night at 3am Linda calls Carl Weissner, claiming Hank would try to climb the balcony. Weissner: "Tell him I have to talk to him immediately about a very serious case." - then, on the phone, Weissner tries to get Buk for a drink in a bar, so he wouldn't think about the balcony anymore. But that's not neccessary: Hank has gained reason again and stops his balcony action.

One day he has a breakdown in the elevator. Is very weak. Montfort and Weissner bring him a pot of German potato soup, then he falls asleep. the next day he is as new - only to feel sick again 12 hours later.

Then the go for a little sightseeing: the castle in Schwetzingen is closed that day, but there's a muslim church nearby and they have a look inside.

Then it's Hamburg. Christoph Derschau, the German writer who had talked Bukowski into giving this reading some time ago had put a fridgerator on the stage, with two dozens bottles (of wine?). Weissner takes them out. Bukowski decides: 2 bottles of wine - not more.

Before the reading he gives several interviews. Then the reading: about 1200 people are packed in the place. The rest is about the reading itself, as we all know it from the tapes.
Yeah, thank you, sir. Those "atmosphere" pieces are much more enjoyable than literary critiques or retellings of the mythology.

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