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I have been reading this forum for a while and just finally signed up.
I also enjoy bukowski, but probably do not know nearly as much about him as you all do, but that is why I like this forum.

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probably best you leave now,
while you still have the chance.


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Welcome, MeNoHary. After you read the entire contents of this forum you too will know as much.
How did you find Bukowski?
I was looking for a new author to read, and my friend casualy brought up Bukowski. The way my friend described him made me want to check it out. He sounded unsure if I would like it. Saying something about a grumpy old man who drinks alot and bets on horses alot. :)
So I went out and purchased Pulp (that is what my friend recommended) and about half way through I knew I was reading something special and I was hooked.
Yes I have since read: Run With The Hunted, Ham On Rye, Factotum, Post Office, and am currently reading The Last Night of the Earth Poems.

When I got pulp I knew nothing about Bukowski, so I had no idea it was his last Novel, or that I would want to read more of his work.

I really liked it and wish I would have read it later instead of first because I probably did not pick up on as much as I would now. I plan on re-reading it.
it definitely IS common oppinion here to read it last - at least from his novels. i too would agree here. still (as you all know) i do NOT agree, that it is a weak novel.

I have to agree with Roni here. you should proably read Pulp last of the novels but that doesn't negate the fact that it's one hell of a book. it is diffrent but by no means bad. oh yeah welcome to the site:)

Gerard K H Love

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You're kidding? They are different but Pulp was like he was doing whatever he wanted and having fun with it. I think it was not characteristic of the way Charles Bukowski wrote. It is a common opinion of many readers of Bukowski, being as how I am a novice, I even know that. But to each his own.

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