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in other words; They would certify a xerox copy of an authentic signature as real. As long as it looks similar to other ones, it is OK? Looking at this, it is possibly real, but I would not bet my reputation on it. The fact that this GIA would certify it, without comparing it to a known example (one that has the fucked up "C"), means that they probably certify many questionable items.

There are many experts on Bukowski signatures. Any of you want to bet your reputation on it? No? Funny that as experts we are not sure, but they, being a sports card company have this knowledge. Maybe this is why reportedly 50% of all signed sports collectables currently being offered for sale are estimated to be forged. These companies certify anything that looks somewhat close.

It just reinforces that COAs are utter bullshit. I would buy a Bukowski signature on the word of a known seller like Jeff Maser or Scott Harrison before I would buy a dubious signature certified by a national forensic autograph company.

That is another reason that I love Black Sparrow Press. With their Colophons, different cloth strips, and color title page, it made it damn near impossible to forge a signed edition from Bukowski. That is better than any COA that you will ever get.

without context, it's hard to believe that's real. it looks like an endpaper, but i haven't seen that many books with a signed endpaper... usually the title page. and why was it taken out of the book in the first place?

the sig looks fluid, but i think it's a forgery. to me, it's questionable enough (especially without a book attached) not to bid on.

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