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Art should be its own hammer.
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reason number 9 697 215 697 621 002 397 540 026 842 301 why religion is stupid.

jebus hates irony. and Canadian hipsters.

c'mon jebus! hate the music, not the name!
I was using the atomic system. it's from Europe. Sweden maybe. complicated and sophisticated. when it gets to Southie, send me a message by the Pony Express.
I did some construction work on that campus in the 80's. it was an all girl school at the time. the area is mostly made up of dutch reform christians. (extremely conservtive ) man, there were hot blondes everywhere....
A flyer showing Jesus on the cross with Maria giving him a blowjob might be a reason for such a reaction.

I remember this flyer got banned by the local church where the gig with some very young metal bands happened. They disliked the antichristian message of the flyer drawing, as one can understand, but let the kids play their noise nonetheless.

The Fucked Up New Pornographers.

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