I have seen the documentary a few months ago.
It haunted for days.
We can never be sure of anything but I think that they wrongly accused. I think that Johnny Depp had something to do with their release by involving the media.
Wow, I remember Henry Rollins being a huge supporter. There were books and even an album recorded to raise money for those guys. I had no idea they had been released. Always had so many factors, and one of them confessed if I remember correctly. However I think he was mentally challenged and supporters said he was tricked.
What a fucked up deal they had to make in order to get released:

"The release of the "West Memphis Three" came after a complex and confusing plea deal, in which the men--Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Misskelley--pleaded guilty and were sentenced to the 18 years they've already served. They're allowed to maintain their innocence, while officially acknowledging that prosecutors have enough evidence to convict them."

Bukfan, I believe the work is already in motion to fully exonerate them:

Prosecutor Scott Ellington has recently said the Arkansas state crime laboratory will run tests on the DNA evidence once the defense's laboratory has completed theirs. This will include running the results through the FBI's Combined DNA Index System database and cross-checks with DNA from police on the crime scene and from lab employees. Ellington said that although he still considered the men guilty, the three would likely be acquitted if a new trial were held "given the prominent lawyers now representing them, the fact that evidence has decayed or disappeared over time and the death or change of heart of several witnesses." He said that if the DNA points to another suspect, he will fully exonerate them and pursue the other suspect.

But, I fully agree, it was a bullshit deal.
In fact, Jason Baldwin initially wanted to refuse the deal and go to trial and fight. The only reason why he didn't was because he wanted to get Damien out of death row immediately. In the press release, when Damien personally thanks Jason, I get choked up.
I hope you're right, christopher.

"He said that if the DNA points to another suspect, he will fully exonerate them and pursue the other suspect."

I think they should be exonerated if the DNA does'nt point to any of them, and not just if it points to another suspect.
Its horrible to have to plead guilty to a crime you did'nt commit in order to get out of jail. At least they're regarded innocent by most people.
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Many people in our country plead guilty to crimes that they did not commit. Part of the process is that the judge instructs the defendant that they are only allowed to plead guilty because they ARE guilty. A defendant who pleads guilty, but tells the judge that he is innocent will not be allowed to plead guilty. Sometimes people plead guilty because the prosecution scares them into doing it by threatening to execute them. By pleading guilty, they ARE guilty and the families can get closure. The fact that they may be completely innocent is worrisome only if they can be proven innocent later (and they have money or GOOD pro bono attorneys that will fight for them.)

We have justice here for all that can afford it.
That's fucked up. Innocent people pleading guilty and going to jail for years, because if they don't they'll get a much harsher sentence, maybe even the death penalty. That's some bargain! Thank God, we don't have plea bargains over here. Plea bargains should'nt be part of any justice system.

We have justice here for all that can afford it.

I guess that's what they meant when they wrote, "Freedom and justice for all (that can afford it)".
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