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Woman dressed in fur coat steps out of limousine. Immediately she is accosted by a greenie type

greenie: "do you know haw many animals had to be killed to make that fur coat?"

fur coat woman: "do you know how many animals I had to sleep with to get it?"
AltaVista (babelfish) translates it to this:

150 people undressed in front of the stairs yesterday of the cathedral of Barcelona to protest against the industry skinner. The news in others webs webs in Spanish in other languages the participants in this reivindicativo act eased up naked in the ground, there been dew with a red liquid that simulated blood, as if they were deads, to remember that twenty animals are needed about - foxes, minks, otters, beavers, chinchillas- to make a fur coat. The naked group was summoned by the organization of defense of the AnimaNaturalis animals and during the act a placard with the question has been exhibited "How many lives for a shelter". The objective of the participants in the act went to concienciar to the citizenship of which he is not elegant to use animal skins.

- Not a perfect translation but you get the meaning...

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