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I remember being a freshman in High School and I was at a keg party with punk hardcore bands playing in an older friends back yard. I was probably the youngest one there trying to look cool. A group of people were next to me talking about reading. I butted in saying I don't read anymore because I can't find any good books left, once again trying to show off. The singer from the band that just played took one look at me and said, "Read Bukowski..." I asked "What book?" He replied "Ham on Rye will work." And continued to talk to his friends. I grabbed a copy first chance I got and it started a lifelong addiction to all things Chinaski. I read all his novels first and then started absorbing the poetry/short stories. Hot Water Music is magic and Love Is A Dog From Hell is great too. My favorite are his stories about the racetrack. And everytime i finish a book I wipe myself on my bedsheets and say to myself 'What A Champ...' Haha Cheers. Drew C

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